Under The Nile

Launched over 20 years ago by a mum simply looking for baby clothing that did not irritate babies skin, Under The Nile has now changed thousands of lives & shaped the futures of entire communities.

Working collaboratively with their farm in Egypt, the cotton used in all Under The Nile products is bio-dynamically grown & 100% organic. Under the core principle of mutual respect, Under The Nile works with the local community to ensure fair wages, safe working conditions & gender equality.

Each Under The Nile toy you buys goes to help fund many local initiatives in Egypt that are helping to improve the lives of the community. The Chamomile Children project takes local children to the Under The Nile farm daily, here they receive 3 meals, health care, clothing & an education. Working mothers are supported through the provision of childcare close to the farm & special programs have been created for the disabled.

The Under The Nile Sekem school uses the principles of Steiner to change lives with education from primary to secondary. Vocational training programs are in place for those more suited to hands on work - provided invaluable, transferable skills. The 13 Villages project takes work to those in more remote villages that are unable to leave due to family responsibilities.

And last but not least Under The Nile hate waste, creating these lovely little dolls out of the off-cuts from the baby wear they produce.