Voice International

Voice International

Voice International believe in the power of creativity & the remarkable difference that community can make to a life. Through the creation of beautiful jewellery Voice is building a platform for a community to tell their story, to have a voice & to make their dreams come true.

Handmade in Uganda by four remarkable women - Cathy, Regina, Scovia & Fedy - each piece of Voice jewellery you buy forms part of an incredible EMPOWERMENT CYCLE. Through design, training & fair, sustainable wages you are helping this circle grow ever wider - allowing the training of more women & the education of their children.

We really love that at the beginning of employment with Voice International each artisan writes their hopes & dreams for the future on a piece of paper that is then locked in Voice's DREAM BOX. Together, with your help, their dreams can come true!


A word on dreams....

Regina - 'My dream in life is to educate my girls and see them graduate and achieve all they want. I want to raise women of Voice, so they too can empower others.'

Fedy - 'My dream is to continually  learn & develop within my creativity with Voice. I want to empower others by teaching  them the skills I have learnt, so they  too can live sustainably. Through this I dream to be able to buy my own land and develop it with local farming.'

Cathy - 'My dream is to own my personal land build my dream house. One day I’d to travel around the world teaching people our collections and empowering others.'

Scovia - 'Voice has changed my way of living. Before Voice it was really hard for me to pay school fees for my children. But now I can pay the fees plus their school requirements. I am also able to now pay my rent on time and afford other bills and food.'