Rehash Trash

Rehash Trash

Following the very sad news that Rehash Trash are having to close their doors due to the impact of COVID-19 we are giving back 20% of every sale from this range to Rehash Trash to help support their team into new employment.


Recycling rubbish | Renewing lives

Rehash Trash is a social enterprise based in Cambodia creating beautiful products from roadside rubbish while providing a safe place for disadvantaged women to learn a skill and earn an income.

Born from the desire to improve the lives of children by providing their mothers a safe, sustainable income, Rehash Trash works with women who have never had the chance in life to know what it was like to have a steady job that was neither degrading or dangerous. Many of the mothers suffer from disabilities, others from addictions and other symptoms of poverty and abuse - so it had to be easy and it had to be cheap, with minimal or no raw material costs.

The female artisans involved in the project collect abundant roadside rubbish found in the Siem Reap area before cleaning & crocheting it to up-cycling it into the beautiful useful products you see here. Not only does the project provide a steady, fair income for these vulnerable families, the women also get the opportunity to take literacy lessons, many learning to read & write for the very first time.