Tagua 'Rachel' Irregular Earrings

Tagua 'Rachel' Irregular Earrings


 Just Trade have a passion for empowering marginalised artisans to ensure a better future for their families through the making and selling of beautiful products. Just Trade work with groups across India, Ecuador, Peru & Vietnam supporting, training and providing life changing opportunities to disadvantaged groups.

Hand-crafted in Ecuador from the amazing tagua nut (a sustainable nut from a South American palm often referred to as 'vegetable ivory').

Made by selecting a nut that is as close to the desired finished shape as possible, the shape is then formed using a variety of sanding processes and polishing to achieve a smooth surface.

Chain length - 90cm

Care Instructions

Tagua is a natural, organic material and the undyed products may darken slightly over time, this is normal.  If your tagua jewellery is looking a bit dull it can be buffed up with a soft white cotton cloth.  Although tagua is a fairly hardwearing material, please be aware that if you drop it onto or knock it against a hard surface it could chip.  Never immerse your tagua jewellery in water as this can cause it to crack.