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This week we're championing our favourite Bristol based brands. With restrictions lifting post-lockdown, independent and local businesses are relying on your generous custom to stay afloat and compete with those bigger brands! The time to shop locally could not be more important than right now and so we've listed some of our in store favorites to help you shop locally this summer. 
All brands discussed are available to purchase via our website.
At Frankly, our ethos is a less wasteful and more consciously sourced approach to gifting. We hope to provide you with guilt free gifting. We are really proud to support a wide range of brands in store, some locally sourced and others supporting international causes that we feel extremely passionate about. Our distinctive Frankly T-Shirts have been such an in-store favourite, offering a wide range of sizes and colours. We are really proud to be partnered with Love Well UK supporting women seeking better opportunities and escaping sex trade. 
Founder of Frankly, Helen Symonds began Frankly online in 2019, following 16 years working in mainstream, international retail organisations, questioning the sustainability of ethical issues that surround the corporate retail model. At Frankly., we are a growing business well on our way to championing so many ethical and sustainable brands, our brands are selected because they share our vision. Not only do they produce beautiful products you will love to share but they are ethical, sustainable and they give back. We intimately get to know each of our brands, understanding their values and supply chains so you can be confident that your gift is part of a force for good.n Follow our journey via our instagram and website too, all products mentioned can also be purchased both online and in store today! 
Jones & Modha @jonesandmodha
Naturally sourced fragrance can be so hard to come by, we love all jones & Modha products in store and their gorgeous packaging always seems to attract the attention of our customers. All their perfumes are 100% naturally sourced, Vegan and Cruelty Free with their fragrances being suitable for all skin types and sensitivities. Jones & Modha are based in Bristol and always have the environment and sustainability in mind. They work towards the ethos that 'nature should be enjoyed and not exploited' with their packaging being as minimal and responsibly sourced as possible, minimising both travel and fossil fuels during the production process. With every purchase from Jones & Modha 2.5% of the profits all go towards helping charities that benefit the environment. Jones & Modha also believe that everyone of any gender should be able to enjoy their products which is why all of their perfumes are completely gender-free and for all to enjoy. 
With locally sourced materials being from Somerset, the heart of Jones & Modha is in the South West and we are so proud to be able to stock and support them at Frankly. We have a range of Jones & Modha products for you to try in store and online
LoveWell, UK @lovewelluk
Love Well UK is a charity we have been championing since the beginning at Frankly and one we are proud to support all the way! Based in Bristol, their candles are always such a crowd pleaser and make THE perfect gift for that someone special. Love Well are all about supporting women to grow in both confidence and strength, often so they can leave sex work and find alternative employment. They offer vulnerable women an escape route, with the sales of each Love Well product going towards helping  fund training and skills development as well as offering support and guidance to women, allowing the most vulnerable women to take control of their lives. As well as purchasing their beautiful products, you can also donate directly to Love well via their website and social media too! 
Being a Bristol based charity, we couldn't be prouder of the work that Love Well does on a daily basis. So much so that we have partnered with them! For each sale of our Frankly T-Shirts, 15% of the profits go towards Love Well UK and helping women across the globe seek better opportunities and safer situations. Pop into store to find out more about the work we do with Love Well UK or purchase any of our range of Love Well products or Frankly t-Shirts via our website. 
Vent for Change @ventforchange 
Vent for Change are a Bristol based stationery company that we couldn't be prouder to support! Their products are always a firm favourite with our customers and their amazing online store not only offers a wide range of amazing stationery but offers a whole host of facts and information about the organisations and charities they support, surrounding education worldwide. 10% of the vent for Change overall turnover goes to support children's education projects worldwide. Every single purchase made by a customer can make such a difference and at Frankly, we could be prouder to back such a just and worthy cause. Vent for Change works closely with PLAN International, working towards emergency famine relief, heath and sanitation, economic empowerment and education. The causes supported by Vent for Change alongside PLAN international include the Education of Women & girls, Helping children in Pakistan & Vietnam as well as training teachers and providing better educational tools. 
Since 2017, their Share a Pencil Day has helped to raise awareness for global education issues. Share a Pencil day is a fun and interactive way for children to learn and explore the reasons why millions of children globally are still missing out on the education and welfare they deserve. All of our Vent for Change range are available to purchase both in store and online. We are proud to support them and we hope you will be too. Head over to our website to check out our full range of Vent For Change products.
We love supporting locally sourced brands and couldn't think of a better time that to start right now! Follow us to see more from your favourite brands in store.
Frankly x
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