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Frankly  /ˈfraŋkli/  adverb   in an honest and direct way


Imagine a world where you can show your loved ones you care, whilst giving back to others, reaching beyond your circle, making a difference. 

At Frankly we wanted to make this world a reality, a less wasteful, more ethical approach to gifting. Working with brands that tell a story, and bringing this story to the forefront, means that every piece purchased is not just a beautiful item to treasure, it is also a piece of the puzzle in creating a fairer world.


Who We Are

Frankly was created by me, Helen Symonds, in 2019. After 16 years working in mainstream, international retail organisations I had come to question if the traditional corporate retail model was sustainable. I began to wonder if there was a kinder, fairer way. A new model with a fairer split of profits, a different way of thinking where the quality and the story of the product takes centre stage. A model that is sustainable for people and the planet.

So, I took a leap with the possibly crazy idea to encourage people to buy less! To buy thoughtfully and to buy better. What if instead of buying multiple, mass produced gifts you could buy a one of a kind, a gift that is not only a beautiful item but also has made a difference? You get to give back, you get to feel good. 

By taking these small steps towards more ethical consumerism we can begin to change the world together!


Our Brands

Our brands are selected because they share our vision. Not only do they produce beautiful products you will love to share but they are ethical, sustainable and they give back. We intimately get to know each of our brands, understanding their values and supply chains so you can be confident that your gift is part of a force for good.

By choosing small independent businesses, we avoid large multinational brands with big corporate structures, ensuring that a large proportion of the selling price goes directly to the producer. We search hard to find brands that aren’t widely available meaning your gift will be as unique as you are.