Handmade Mango Wood & Silver Ball Pendant Curry

Handmade Mango Wood & Silver Ball Pendant Curry

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 Umiwi (pronounced 'you-me-we') mango wood jewellery is lovingly produced by artisans at the Skill Center in Chang Mai, Thailand. The not-for-profit center provides equine therapy for disabled children and runs training programs to support young people to financial independence. 

This ball pendant is handmade from 100% mango wood, coloured using environmentally friendly food colourings. 

The sterling silver chain is handmade from recycled silver by the Karen mountain tribe in Northern Thailand. The chain shape is made to symbolise the rice of South East Asia. 

Available chain lengths 46cm & 70cm

As all Umiwi jewellery is handmade there may be slight size and colour variations meaning each piece is truly unique!