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It's coming up to Sustainable Fashion Week and Bristol is bursting with events and celebrations of all things environmentally friendly fashion. As one of the biggest contributors to climate change, the fashion industry has to be at the heart of change. We love seeing Sustainable Fashion week flourish, not just across Bristol but across all of the UK. 

To celebrate, this week we are bringing you LOADS of new bags and purses from our favourite sustainable fashion brand...Soruka! Visit our website to view all the amazing new bags and purses we have for you to enjoy. 

We are so proud to support such a sustainable brand like Soruka in store. 100% of all the materials they use to make their stunning bags and purses are off-cuts that would otherwise have been carted straight off to landfill. No two bags are the same, which means you could get your hands on something totally one of a kind. 

When purchasing any product from Soruka, you are choosing to put the planet first and invest in a sustainable fashion piece that will have you standing out from the crowd all year round! 

Take a look at some of our favorite styles, just in from Soruka. Visit our website to view all Soruka stock! 

BRAND NEW 'Hera' Bags


Soruka 'Hera' Bags


BRAND NEW 'Beth' Bags 


Soruka 'Beth' Bags


BRAND NEW 'Claire' Bags 


Soruka 'Claire' Bags


BRAND NEW 'Lena' Bags 


Soruka 'Lena' Bags


BRAND NEW 'Olivia' Bags 


Soruka 'Olivia' Bags


BRAND NEW 'Rose' Bags 


Soruka 'Rose' Bags  


We really hope everyone has a great Sustainable Fashion Week and that it encourages everyone to shop more ethically and sustainably and to consider where our items of clothing come from and the constant impact that this is having on our planet daily. To find out more about Sustainable Fashion, how you can get involved and what events are happening here in Bristol and beyond, visit their website here. We would love to see your Sustainable fashion Week purchases and can't wait to discover more amazing sustainable fashion brands this week! 

Frankly x


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