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In store we have so many amazing skin care brands, all passionate about helping the planet and your skin too! We've had so much amazing feedback from customers recently about the amazing quality and also those of our skincare and beauty brands. This week, in light of this we've compiled a short list to make shopping for skincare in store quick and easy, so you know exactly what you are getting from your favourite brands and just what you are supporting. 

Beeutiful @beeutifulskincare 

A brand that is kind to both the bees and the trees! We love Beeutiful skincare in store and their amazing naturally sourced products really do not hold back on amazing quality. Beeutiful work tirelessly to make sure that nothing is compromised and help protect our planet and the protection of bees in the process. They pride themselves on 100% transparency and wouldn't settle for anything less than perfection! They make sure that you know exactly whats in each one of their products and exactly where it's sourced! There are so many unknown chemicals that go into some skincare brands both harmful to the environment and your skin and Beeutiful want to change this!

Beeutfiul products have always had amazing feedback from our customers and we love how they look in store too! All their products are available to purchase both in store and online, via our website! 


Seatox @seatoxseaweed

100% vegan and designed with the ocean in mind, all Seatox products are completely naturally sources and its why we love them! All their products are designed to be compatible with the everyday stresses of modern life, something that the developers found was an increasing issue in todays society. Based on modern spa treatments, there products are the perfect way to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home! If you close your eyes you could be on the beach!! They're so authentic and natural that it only provides your skin with the nourishment it truly needs! Our Seatox products look amazing on the shelf and always attract so much attention in our store window too!  Perfect for both summer and winter too! 

Our full range of Seatox products can be purchased via our website, or head down to Frankly at Whapping Wharf, Bristol to try them out for yourself - they're packaging is delightful too! 


Bloomtown @bloomtownuk 

Bloomtown were the first UK based brand to go completely Palm Oil Free and we couldn't be prouder to stock them in store! The glass packaging also means that all their packaging is 100% recyclable too! - what more could you ask for! They're variety of scents also mean that you can trial the full range, all of which we stock in store! Bloomtown creators Preya & Med, spent two years in Indonesia witnessing first hand the devastating effects that the use of Palm Oil can have on the planet and communities. Bloomtown was born out of a desperate need to change, and thankfully several brands since Bloomtown's launch have followed suit - also going Palm Oil free. However, as always there is more that can be done and we need to encourage the bigger brands to do the same. Show your support by trying out the vast range of Bloomtown products available today! 

 Jones & Modha @jonesandmodha

Jones & Modha are Bristol based and we're so proud to stock such a local brand in store! Jones & Modha create beautiful perfumes for people who love the planet, going against the commercial and often fast pace world of perfume manufacturing, working with the environment - not against it. Each perfume is uniquely designed to suit customer needs and are all ethically and sustainably sourced locally, so there is no carbon footprint either! 2.5% of all profits also go to support environmental charities - we couldn't speak more highly of Jones & Modha as a brand and we know you will love them as much as we do. 

All Jones & Modha perfumes are available in sample form in store, or feel free to order via our website too! 


All of our skincare and beauty brands in store help in the fight against toxins and harmful chemicals that can oftern be used in many skincare products. Our brands in store have your health and the environment in mind. If you would like to find out more from any of the brands mentioned this week, then feel free to head over  to our website or click the links in the links listed above to find out more! 


Frankly x

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