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"Our story starts with the mission to end homelessness and support people living in temporary accommodation".

We are really proud and excited to announce that we are now stockists of Pivot jewellery, helping to tackle homelessness and provide opportunity. Their mission is bring purpose, flexibility and purpose to those might not otherwise have assess to it. Employment with Pivot can help bring confidence and skills to those facing homelessness and provide their employees with the skills needed to take steps away from temporary accommodation. 

All Pivot products are made from responsibly sourced Brass, this means all materials used are either recycled or donated. Pivot also use zero-waste acetate for all acetate jewellery. Pivot are always striving to create products that are 100% sustainable. The strength and sustainability of their products mean that there jewellery will be sure to last you all year round. 



Since their launch over two years ago, Pivot currently help support 77 makers across 13 homeless charities across the UK, offer over £25,100 of financial support to their employees and have so far offered more than 2291 hours of employee training. This progress is amazing and we are so excited to see what the next two years have in store for Pivot.  

The support offered to Pivot in the wider community is also great. Their work helps provide oppertunity which allows individuals and communities to grow and thrive. In two years, Pivot have sold over 100,000 pieces of hand crafted jewellery and runs over 45 markets across London. The press and social media support for Pivot is also growing rapidly, not only in London but all over the UK.


Pivot also offer a twelve week program for all those living in UK hostels. This provides residents with the creative training needed to produce Pivot's amazing jewellery. This is co-created alongside temporary accommodation providers. These Pivotal Programs are tailored to improve the experience of those living in temporary accommodation through re-engagement, an increased sense of self-worth and ultimately higher move-on rates from hostels. They offer all their makers the opportunity to learn new skills through the process of design, marketing and selling jewellery. 

It is Pivot's mission to help re frame the conversation surrounding homelessness and to give all their employees the chance to learn new skills, and provide momentum, creativity and opportunity.  

We are so excited to have Pivot's amazing jewellery available both in store and online too! Keep an eye out for loads more features from Pivot in our Gift Guides & newsletters too! 

Frankly x


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