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We are so excited to now be stocking products from FieldDay Ireland! Taking you on a journey through rural Ireland with their natural fragrances. FieldDay was born in 2002 when Alix, a girl from County Down was inspired to capture and bottle the scents of our Irish countryside.

Alix began FieldDay by making rose petal perfume in jam jars in her mum's kitchen. Arranging endless bunches of wild flowers at her mum's kitchen table. This then continued at the FieldDay HQ in Ireland's rural County Down. Alix’s creativity and meticulously studied fragrance combinations have resulted in multi award-winning candles and scented home accessories.



Each product from FieldDay aims to bottle the natural scents of Ireland, taking you on a fragrant journey from the mist and sprays of an Irish rainstorm to floral patchwork fields. Each product is hand crafted with the environment in mind. All their candles are made from 100% soy wax. Using zero waste, at FieldDay they take time and care to produce every single one. 

Each candle is hand-poured. A traditional process within candle making that although takes time, results in far better quality and produces candles that last. Each candle is hand poured at the County Down workshop under the watchful eye of chandlers Rachel and Ella. 


"The double-pour process is a bit like pouring a pint of Guinness. It can't be rushed. But we believe you will see the difference in how our candles burn and throw scent"



FieldDay also share a huge passion for restoring and protecting the natural wildlife that Ireland has to offer. Including the bees! Their Bee Friendly Seed Bombs are a fun way to restore native wildflowers and create a floral feats for the bees. All their seed bombs are hand rolled in County Meath using local chemical free soil, loaded with 28 native Irish wildflowers. 


"Just like the song goes, we love to go a-wandering. Mountain trails, fields or forests, you name it, if it's outdoors we love it. We believe no walk is lovelier than the walk you will make in a field. Our home fragrance collections pay homage to our native wildflowers found in Ireland's great outdoors". 


FieldDay are passionate about protecting our bees (as are we!). Bees are really important pollinators for our planet, we need them to grow fruit, veg, flowers and plants. Let’s not forget the hoverflies, wasps, butterflies and moths and ants who help out too. It's vital that we help protect our natural wildlife, wherever you may be in the world. 



We are so proud to be supporting such an amazing brand at Frankly. By purchasing any of their products you can help restore the natural wildlife where you live. We love their passion for nature and the Irish landscape. 

All FieldDay products are available to purchase now both instore and online too! 




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