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This week at Frankly, we are celebrating #Women'sEqualityDay. To mark the occasion we wanted to talk about some brands in store that support the growth, development of women, internationally. So many of our brands stocked in store do this, but we wanted to shine a light on those that have women and women's equality at the heart of their ethos! 

1. So Just Shop @sojustshopaccessories 

So Just Shop have a very clear mission. Their mission is to help raise 250,000 women and their families out of abject poverty, whilst ensuring that their ethical and sustainable products are accessible to all. Women are at the forefront of their focus as a brand and for every gorgeous of So Just Shop product sold you will be helping to support the women who produce the jewellery and their families globally. 

Not only do So Just Shop support women on an economic level, they understand the importance of education in women's lives. Therefore So Just Shop help to provide women with both literacy and numeracy lessons both in youth and as adults too! 

At Frankly, we are so proud to stock such a wide range of So Just Shop products and to help support women all over the world to help aid their education and support over 250,000 families out of abject poverty. So Just Shop are all about breaking that cycle and by purchasing any of their products you could be helping to support this worthy cause too! So Just Shop are proud to support Just Women, Just Pay, Just Working Conditions and Just Working Hours! 

2. The Basket Room @thebasketroom  

The Basket Room work with weavers across West Africa, Ghana and Kenya to help produce their beautiful and unique range of products. The Basket Room give women working within these countries the opportunity to run daily errands and continue with the demands of family life whilst having the opportunity to work and create products from home. This is a rare example of how women can be supported by income but also take care of their families too. Many women across the globe miss out on either an individual income or an education as soon as they start a family. The Basket Room wants to prevent this, aiming to provide women with opportunities and income throughout their entire lives. 

By purchasing any of The Basket Room products, you are supporting these women both financially and educationally. These products make the perfect addition to any home and we most certainly love them in store. The remarkable work that these women do to support their families and provide themselves with further opportunities is why at Frankly we are so proud to support them. 

All of The Basket Room products can be purchased both in store and online! 

3. Voice International @voiceinternational_

At Voice International, they believe in the power of creativity as the Voice community allows women with the platform to tell their own stories and share their own experiences. They believe that women coming together and sharing stories is the biggest way to make an impact - and we stand with them! 

All Voice International jewellery is made by four Ugandan women - Cathy, regina, Scovia and Fedy. Each piece of jewellery that is carefully crafted forms an empowerment cycle, which allows the training of more women and the further education of more children. It is through these empowerment cycles that more women and children can receive a better education and therefore better opportunities. These causes couldn't be more important to us as Frankly and its why we are so proud to stock Voice International jewellery. 


'My dream in life is to educate my girls and see them graduate and achieve all they want. I want to raise women of Voice, so they too can empower others.'

- Regina 

'My dream is to continually  learn & develop within my creativity with Voice. I want to empower others by teaching  them the skills I have learnt, so they  too can live sustainably. Through this I dream to be able to buy my own land and develop it with local farming.'

- Fedy

'My dream is to own my personal land build my dream house. One day I’d to travel around the world teaching people our collections and empowering others.'

- Cathy 

'Voice has changed my way of living. Before Voice it was really hard for me to pay school fees for my children. But now I can pay the fees plus their school requirements. I am also able to now pay my rent on time and afford other bills and food.'

- Scovia 











At Frankly, we want to take the opportunity for #Women'sEqualityDay to thank all the amazing women who help so many of our brands in store to exists and thrive the way that they do. We are so excited to continue supporting women all over the globe to help support educational needs as well as economic issues faced everyday.

All products discussed in this weeks post are available to purchase both in store and online. 

We would love so much to see your #Women'sEqualityDay purchases, feel free to tag us #franklystore for a chance to be featured! 


Frankly x 

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