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Happy Friday everyone! 

Today we thought we would bring you a special interview with a brand new brand we've had in store that we are SO excited about!

This month at Frankly, we've been busy!

We have so many new products for you to enjoy and we love supporting new brands that stand for the same thing that we do! whether it's getting ready for that fast approaching Christmas period (sorry!) or treating yourself in those colder and darker months, we've got you covered! 
Over the next few weeks, we're going to be talking about some new products and shouting about new brands that we are loving! 
We are kicking off this week with 'Stitching me Softly'. we loved chatting to owner and founder Emma, about how she started the business and why she feels so passionately about shopping both ethically and sustainably. All 'Stitching Me Softly' products are made from 100% recycled yarn, each product sold crafted with love and care for the planet and you too! We were really keen to know how Emma's business changed in lock down and her plan for 'Stitching me Softly' moving forward.
Hi Emma, Could you tell us a bit about how and why you started 'Stitching Me Softly'?
I started Stitching Me Softly in 2017 whilst on maternity leave with my youngest daughter. Initially I sold ready made crochet baby booties and bonnets as well as digital crochet patterns. This led to me running crochet workshops and then developing a line of craft kits so that people who weren't local could also join in and learn how to crochet. The Craft Kits really took off and that's become the focus of the business. 
Knitting, Sewing and Crafts generally became so popular during lock down! How has your customer change since the pandemic?
The market for craft kits and supplies absolutely exploded during lock down with a lot of people wanting more indoor calming entertainment. I think as my kits are all beginner friendly they were really well received and people appreciate the level of detail in the instructions and helpful videos on my social media. So i don't think my customers necessarily changed but I now have a lot more of them!!
We believe in shopping as sustainably as possible and we know that you do to! Why are ethically and sustainably sourced products so important to you?
I personally believe that anyone producing consumer products at this point in time needs to be mindful of their impact on the environment. For me this means using yarn and packing materials that are as sustainable as possible and to keep striving to improve this. The wool in my kits is 100% British wool and the cotton is all recycled. We also plant 1 tree for every kit sold and offset the carbon for the business.
We love the bobble hat kits! What's your favorite 'Stitching Me Softly' product and Why? 
My absolute fave is the Woven Necklace Kit, I love that within 20 mins you can make yourself a really pretty new accessory to show off and be proud of.
We can't wait to see what you do next!
What are your future plans for 'Stitching Me Softly'?
I have been busy behind the scenes designing brand new bespoke packaging for the kits which will use less cardboard and reduce waste for the business. I will also have some fun new spring summer kits launching in Feb!
Thank you so much to Emma for taking the time to chat to us about 'Stitching Me Softly'. We loved finding out more about you and the origins of the brand. 
We love seeing the full range of products on our shelves - not only do they look amazing but they make the perfect gift for your loved one to! 
All the products mentioned in this weeks post are available to purchase both in store and online. Head down to Whapping Wharf, Bristol to see the full range of 'Stitching Me Softly products that we have on offer for you to enjoy! 
Frankly x
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