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We hope everyone has has a festive start to December! We are kicking this month off with our Top Postable Gifts! We are fast approaching Christmas and so posting those gifts for family and friends far away is important!🎄 Make sure you get those gifts in early to make sure they reach their destinations on time too ✈️ Any products listed in this weeks gift guide can be found in store and on our website too! If you have any questions feel free to pop us a DM or email us 


 Art Star Shuku Paper Star Kit



These beautiful Paper Star Kits from @art_star_london are the perfect post‑able gifts to make you home look dazzling this Christmas! These are the perfect ethical decorations that look great on your home all year round and the perfect Christmas gift this year too! 🎄


For the little one in your life 🤍 These Black & While Story Books from @the_little_bw_book_project are the perfect educational gift. With beautiful graphics, designed to teach small children all about the ocean, these books are perfect to support child development this Christmas 🤍🖤


So Just Shop Gold 'Jaya' Bracelet

Perfect for adding a touch of understated elegance to any outfit! ✨ This ‘Jaya’ Bracelet from @sojustshopaccsessories is the perfect gift for those jewellery lovers, this one is perfect for posting too🙌


This ‘Luca’ Wallet from @soruka_levante is the perfect sustainable travel companion for your loved one this Christmas! Stylish and totally sustainable, these are perfect for posting too!! Made from 100% recycled leather these ‘Luca’ Wallets are made from materials that would otherwise have gone straight to landfill. ♻️

The perfect Christmas treat for your loved one this Christmas! Why not send some of these amazing chocolates from @arthouse_unlimited 🍫 Perfect for posting and their amazing packaging create the most beautiful gifts too! ✨

Beevive ‑ Bee Revival Keyring ‑ Black

For the bee lovers 🐝 Save the bees with this Bee Revival Keyring from @beevive_uk ideal for posting too! This small and sustainable gift is perfect for those planet lovers 🌍


Just Trade Ruthi Brass Large Round Earrings

These Ruthi Brass Earrings from @justtradeuk are the perfect statement jewellery for the winter time. Compact and flat these are also great for posting too! All Just Trade jewellery helps to support their incredible artisans and their communities🙌


Frankly x LW Circle Tee ‑ Black & White

Why not give back and feel good this Christmas🎄 Our very own Frankly Tees are the perfect postable Christmas Gift this year! Made in partnership with the incredible @lovewelluk supporting women who face significant trauma through trafficking & exploitation.


The Seed Card Company ‑ Plantable Cards

These festive cards are perfect for posting and great to give something back too! These cards can be gifted and then planted to create a beautiful plant that can grow for up to two years 🌱@theseedcardcompany

Paguro Upcycle Evergreen Leaf Recycled Rubber Earrings

Made from recycled inner tubes these Evergreen Leaf Recycled Rubber earrings from @paguroupcycle are the perfect postable gift for your loved one! Both stylish and sustainable, these will be sure to last you all year round and make a great winter statement ✨


Vent for Change Recycled SUCSEED A5 Notebook – Kiwi

These Kiwi Recycled Sucseed Notebooks from @ventforchange are the perfect postable gift for the avid note‑taker in your life! Made from recycled materials all Vent For Change stationary goes to support children’s education projects worldwide 🌍


We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Gift Guide this week! Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks via our Instagram and website too! 

Frankly x


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