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It's that time of the week...we have the second installment of our festive gift guide series for you and this week we are talking all things saving the planet! We are so lucky to stock so many amazing brands in store that have the environment in mind. We've broken down just a few of our favourite, in the hope that this Christmas it will help you to shop more environmentally conscious, making your money go further too! 


 1. Organic Body Wash & Sugar Scrubs from Bloom Town (@bloomtownuk

Bloom Town always fly the flag for the planet and we love the natural scents within all their products. As one of the first brands in the UK to go 100% Palm Oil Free, we love their ethos and passion to always put the planet first. Their packaging is 100% recyclable too! These products really are the perfect pamper gifts this Christmas. All Bloom town products are great for you skin too and suitable for all skin types due to the natural nature of their products. You can purchase any of our Bloom Town range via our website or in store. 



2. Eau de parfum by Jones & Modha (@jonesandmodha

Each perfume is uniquely designed to suit customer needs and are all ethically and sustainably sourced locally, so there is no carbon footprint either! 2.5% of all profits also go to support environmental charities - we couldn't speak more highly of Jones & Modha as a brand with their naturally sourced range of perfumes made with the planet in mind first! So many perfumes are mass produce and use harsh chemicals which are not ethically sourced, resulting in a HUGE carbon footprint. Jones & Modha fight against this, bringing you unisex scents that work for any occasion. 



3. Paper Star Kits handcrafted by Art Star (@art_star_london)

 Not only do Art Star decorations look amazing but they add the perfect sustainable festive touch to any home. created by Designer Jo Hill, all Art Star products are made from responsible sourced trees, with 100% recyclable packaging too. Their products really are the perfect gift for Christmas time as their products suit any time of year - we have them up in store all year round!! 

Founder Jo, chatted with us recently about her passion for sustainability. 

'One of the things I’m most excited about at the moment is working with materials that already exist in the world to avoid this cycle of bringing endless new things into circulation. My Hack Pack craft kits are made using leftover paper from the printing industry and I find it really wonderful to be creating beautiful things out of waste paper. I’m really lucky to work with a great printer in SE London who is very enthusiastic about saving and reusing all their excess and waste paper'. 



4. Recycled Bags made by Soruka (@soruka_levante

Every year over 500,000 tonnes of leather are wasted every year and Soruka set out with a mission to change this. They want to be part of the solution and at Frankly so do we! Traditionally, leather made products are made in very wasteful ways. Usually, only the middle section of a piece of leather is used to make a product, meaning that when cutting out patterns for traditional bags, purses etc over 60% of leather goes to waste. When making Soruka products, expert artisans use handcrafted leather that would otherwise have gone to waste. Meaning that all of their products are made from recycled leather. Soruka bags offer a way to treat your loved one to a gift that is completely unique and handcrafted by expert artisans from across the globe. 

Soruka such a champion of not letting ANYTHING go to waste. All their bags are made from materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill and been disposed of. We've had so many amazing Soruka bags, purses and phone cases in store recently - shop online or pop into store to view the full range! 


5. Bangles that Clean Beaches by Washed & Found (@washed_and_found)

 Ocean waste is one of the biggest issues that our planet faces. Washed & Found aim to target this issue head on. All Washed & Found jewellery is made from recycled beach plastics, helping to clean up to vast amounts of ocean plastics one step at a time. Their dedication to the planet when making all their products is so inspiring to us! We have had so many customers ask about this brand in the lead up to Christmas. This brand are so didicated to helping the planet and tackling one of the biggest issues that faces us when it comes to climate change and global warming - whilst also adding a unique touch to your jewellery collection. 



6. Vegan Soaps blended by Kushboo (@kushboosoaps) 

For every bar of Kushboo soaps sold, another is donated across three charities supporting food banks, homeless shelters and women's refuge. With each purchase of a Kushboo soap you are helping vulnerable people get back on their feet. Each soap is individually handmade in Lancashire, enriched with essential oils and gentle botanicals to cleanse and sooth the skin. All Kushboo soaps are made from 100% vegan materials and are all naturally and sustainably sourced. They always have the planet at the forefront of their ethos and its why they've made into onto our Gift Guide this year! 



We hope you've enjoyed our selection of Environmentally Friendly Gifts and it's given you some inspiration on ways to shop more consciously this year! For more information about any of the products discussed in this weeks gift guide, head over to our website ( or visit us in store. 


Frankly x

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