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With August finally here, we recognise that this is a big month for recognising those all important ethical awareness days, include #WomensEqualityDay & #WorldHumanitarianDay. Therefore to kick off this month we wanted to bring to light some of our most loved brands that always have the environment and ethics in mind. Weather you're looking for a gift or to treat yourself we hope that this list will give you a guide to our top environmentally friendly brands and ways you can do your part to help protect the planet! 


1. Cycle of Good @cycleofgooduk 

Cycle of Good continue to do amazing work, helping to end poverty in some of the poorest communities in the world. There approach to work and constant pushing for change is something that inspires us daily within store. They've made it onto our list as their products are made from recycled bike parts that would otherwise have ended up on landfill sites around the UK. They are shipped to Malawi and then transformed into the beautiful Cycle of Good products, with worked receiving a fair living wage, supporting education, pensions and holiday pay. The Cycle of Good range always seem to receive so much attention in store due to their unique and functional designs. Shop online or in store with us today! 


2. Beeutiful @beeutifulskincare  

Creating gorgeous, naturally sourced skincare is at the heart of Beeutiful. There constant work helping to both support and promote bee conservation is what we love about them and by purchasing their range of skincare products, you can help support the production of natural skincare and the conservation of wildlife too! It always seems that customers come back for more of the Beeutiful range and we are not surprised as their product quality is second to none, alongside their ethos meaning that all products are 100% natural, helping to care for the most sensitive of skin types. They work tirelessly to make sure that their process is as good for the environment as possible and we are so proud to be able to support them at Frankly. 


3. Bloomtown @bloomtownuk 

Bloomtown are one of our leading companies that are 100% certified palm oil free. With palm oil production being one of the biggest issues that our planet currently faces, this brand could not be of more importance. Their ethical and sustainable approach to their production means that their product and packaging are 100% recyclable. They make it their daily mission to offer all customers safe and effective products that never compromise on ethics. Based in Cornwall, their expertly formulated products are blended and poured to suit a changing planet and all skin types. 



4. Kushboo @kushboosoaps

For every bar of Kushboo soaps sold, another is donated across three charities supporting food banks, homeless shelters and women's refuge. With each purchase of a Kushboo soap you are helping vulnerable people get back on their feet. Each soap is individually handmade in Lancashire, enriched with essential oils and gentle botanicals to cleanse and sooth the skin. All Kushboo soaps are made from 100% vegan materials and are all naturally and sustainably sourced. There amazing packaging mean that their range of soaps make amazing gifts that are suitable for all skin types and its why they have made it into our Top 5 this week! 


5. Soruka Bags @soruka_levante

Soruka's number one mission is to change the way the fashion industry operates and they are storming ahead with all of their bags made from 100% recycled leather, aiming to re-purpose leather that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Each bag produced in completely unique with their production process being low impact, meaning that energy consumption and waste is kept to a minimum. The unique designs of their bags come from traditional handcrafted techniques, making each bag a complete work of art. We have our full range of Soruka bags available on our website and in store, grab yours today! 


We hope our breakdown of our Top 5 Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Brands have provided you with inspiring ways your gift giving can help save the planet too! Visit us in store or shop online to purchase any of the products mentioned in this weeks post! 

Frankly x

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