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Frankly x Art Star Recycled Paper Garland Workshop 
6pm - 7pm GMT

We're super excited to be hosting our very first Frankly event! To celebrate Global Recycling Day join the Frankly team and Art Star's Jo Hill on Friday 18th March, where Jo will be showcasing her passion for sustainability. Jo will be teaching you how to make the most of items you have at home by teaching this Garland Tutorial, ideal for both children and adults.

Global Recycling Day aims to highlight the importance of sustainability and recycling across the globe and we want to highlight those businesses doing great work! Jo's passion for both these things is what makes Art Star so great! Check out our list of items you will need for the tutorial below!




Assorted scrap paper or card (a cereal box or other lightweight card packaging is perfect, or the pages of an old book or magazine - uncoated (non-shiny) paper is better if you want to print on it)

- Scissors

- Paper glue (UHU all purpose is great, and glue sticks are good too)

- String or twine to create the garland

- Paint or marker pens to decorate the paper (any kind of acrylic paint is good or you could use ink or felt tips if you prefer)

- A potato or a cork to print with

- A small paintbrush or you can just use your finger!

Sign up using the link below, hurry your place - limited availability! 


We can't wait to see you there! 

Frankly x

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