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So this is it, the beginning, this is Frankly. 

And I am Helen. I am beyond excited to meet you and to begin this journey with you. 

When I started working on Frankly I knew I wanted to create something that would make people think about how they consume, how they spend their own precious resources and how they use  our planet’s resources. 

Having worked in mainstream retail literally all my life - from our small family clothing business to multi-hundred million pound chains - it is what I live and breathe. How could I square the circle and continue to do what I loved without continuing to add to the problem of over consumption?

Through careful research and consideration, I began to realise that there were a growing number of brands who were doing just this. They are creating beautiful desirable products whilst ensuring their environmental impact is low and their social impact is high. Bingo!

 After more research I found that there was nowhere that was bringing these brands together. Sure there are platforms for eco/ethical brands, for brands that you may not be able to buy on the high street (!) or for brands that are direct from makers, but I know from my own experience that these platforms appear to be only loosely curated leading to hours of thumb RSI inducing scrolling.

With Eco & Ethical being the buzz words of today, how can we be sure that we are really getting what it says on the tin (or the handbag in this case!). When I created Frankly it was with the aim that we would personally check that our brands are doing what they say they are, that their supply chain is fair to people and planet and that any give backs are actually given back. After all its easy to talk the talk but our brands will also walk the walk! 

I believe that the story behind the brands that we work with is as important as the product. The stories of these small unique and often owner operated brands are a huge added value to the finished piece. Only by knowing the provenance behind the items you own or buy as gifts can you truly make conscious decisions. To say thank you and to highlight these stories each item purchased from Frankly will be delivered with its own little thank you card, from me, from our brands and from the people you have touched with your purchase.

So now you know a bit more about Frankly I suppose I should tell you a bit about me…..

You already know my name so I won’t repeat that (scroll up if you have a memory like mine!). I live in beautiful Bristol, UK with my husband, two children Rosa and Frank (and yes Rosa is annoyed that I have a Frankly and not a Rosaly, just not really got the same ring to it has it?!) and a cat called Ella. I have an amazing family who have supported me through the start of this journey. Particular HUGE thanks goes to my incredibly talented, way to cool, totally lovely cousin Anna Jay who has created the brand, the website and kept me on track with her logic and creativity.

Huge love to you all and I hope you enjoy Frankly as much I have enjoyed creating it xxx

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