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We have had yet another glorious delivery from Soruka recently in store! These are the perfect summer staple and there really is something for everyone with an amazing range of colours, patterns and shapes up for grabs! 

These are all now up and available for you on our website, so make sure you get your hands on your favorite one while stocks last! We always have so many questions in store about where these amazing bags and purses come from and what their story is...

Soruka's mission is a really simple one. To produce one-of-kind hand-crafted bags all made from 100% recycled materials that would have otherwise have gone straight to landfill! Each bag is handcrafted by their amazing expert artisans and, what's even better is that each design is totally different so whichever bag your purchase - you'll be getting a 100% unique bag! 

Soruka decided that they wanted to be part of the solution to this global problem. Traditionally, the leather industry only uses the central section of leather cuttings to produce their products. This results in over 60% of the leather used to create traditional leather goods being wasted and ending up in landfill sites or rivers. Thus, creating a HUGE environmental issue. 

As we've had a lot of new bags in some AMAZING colours in store this week, we thought we would break down some of our in-store favorites for you! 


The 'BETH' Bag

 The 'Beth' bag is perfect for when on-the-go and need all the essentials to hand. The 'Beth' bag is small and lightweight, and come in an amazing range of bold colours and pastels too! The envelope style means that these work perfectly with any outfit too! 


The 'ONA' Bag

The 'Ona' bag is the perfect bag for those summer trips away! With loads of room and three inside compartments, this bag is perfect for staying organised this summer. There is also a handy reversible middle strap, which means you can switch it up depending on your mood - from a vibrant animal print design to bold block colours.  


The 'HERA' Bag


The 'Hera' Bag is a firm Frankly favourite. The unique round shape of this bag actually offers alot more room that you may think. With one large compartment, the Hera bag is lightweight and offers a stylish unique twist to any outfit. These are also available in a mixed design of both animal print and block colour, which we love! 


The 'GRACE' Bag


The 'Grace' bag is the perfect bag for days/nights out this summer. Small and compact this one is super lightweight and has a reversible strap too! Just like the 'Ona' bag this one means you can switch it up from an animal print or block colour strap, depending on your mood or the occasion the 'Grace' bag is perfect summer time! 


The 'ADELINE' Bag 

The 'Adeline' bag is perfect for those days where you just need that bit extra room. This larger size bag offers enough room for large notebooks, iPads and books too. The stylish buckle of the front gives these bags a really classic finish. Also available in a variety of amazing colours and patterns too! 


Shop all our latest Soruka products via our website ( Make sure you grab your favourite whilst stocks last! 




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