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Last week in store we had an exciting new delivery! We love our range of Soruka products and last week we were thrilled to have some phone cases, purses and more of their amazing bags to add to our collection! 

Over the past few months we have noticed so many of you asking about our Soruka bags and purses and loving their quality and sustainability. That's why this week we wanted to dedicate our first brand focus post to Soruka (@soruka_levante) and highlight the amazing work they do to support sustainability and making sure that nothing goes to waste during the manufacturing process. 

The quality leather used on all Soruka products has not gone unnoticed by our customers. Their original and completely unique designs have meant that no two bags are exactly the same. With each bag being one of a kind it means that you pick the perfect bag or purse for you! Since their launch Soruka's mission has been to create zero wasted whilst making beautiful handcrafted products that not only are extremely functional, but practical too! 

Every year over 500,000 tonnes of leather are wasted every year and Soruka set out with a mission to change this. They want to be part of the solution and at Frankly so do we! Traditionally, leather made products are made in very wasteful ways. Usually, only the middle section of a piece of leather is used to make a product, meaning that when cutting out patterns for traditional bags, purses etc over 60% of leather goes to waste. When making Soruka products, expert artisans use handcrafted leather that would otherwise have gone to waste. Meaning that all of their products are made from recycled leather. Within industry this is something that is incredibly rare as most large industrial based companies aspire to speed and mass production rather than focusing on sustainability and low waste. 


"Our mission is to bring you beautiful timeless collections while preserving traditional techniques, while producing sustainable fashion with quality and design".


Soruka aims is to bring the fashion industry towards a more sustainable approach and to always be working towards a system that works better for the environment, creating quality products whilst not harming the planet. Their aim is always for zero-waste and they work tirelessly every day to become a completely zero-waste company. Artisans carefully handcraft each product, picking each piece of leather individually based upon its quality but also colour to create amazing hand-crafted pieces of art. Smaller cuttings of leather are used for items such as key chains, phone cases, bracelets and other jewellery whilst larger pieces are used for their bags, carefully crafted and co-ordinated to create original unique designs.  


Soruka are committed every day to closing the loop on waste and we are so proud to support them at Frankly. Each Soruka bag purchased comes with an amazing duster bags which not only look incredible but aim to add to the sustainability and long life of all Soruka bags. 

All products discussed this week are available to purchase both in store and online. Feel free to pop down to Frankly and see our new range of Soruka products on display for yourself. Show your support online by using the #franklystore and show us your latest Soruka purchases! 

Frankly x

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