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Introducing our brand new gift giving service that means the days of wasted and unwanted gifts are over! With our brand new 'On The List' cards we can help you keep track of the gifts you love. 

By grabbing one of our 'On the List' cards in store, you can write down the lists your partner/loved one loves and we'll enter in into our database. in doing this, we help you keep track of gifts that they love and we can help you hand craft a gift this year that we know they'll love and use again! This we feel prevents unnecessary waste.

With Christmas fast approaching it's small steps like this that can really help to make your Christmas gifts go to great homes! It can be so hard finding the perfect gift for that someone special so this year we've got you covered! 

Pop into Frankly and have a chat with store owner Helen about our new 'On The List' service and we'll help you hand craft that perfect gift this year! 


Frankly x

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