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This week in store we have had so many Soruka bags delivered to us by the lovely team at Soruka. All Soruka bags are completely unique and made with the environment in mind. All their bags are made from 100% recycled leather that would have otherwise been thrown away. Leather waste is one of the biggest issues that the textile industry faces and Soruka aim to target this head on with their stunning range of bags, purses and phone cases. 

Every bag made in a one off, no two bags or purses are the same. 

"Our aim is to be a zero waste company and so we try to use every scrap of material. With great effort and joy our artisans select the cutting and the right colours in order to transform waste into a unique piece of art.
The smallest cuttings are used for our small items such as key-chains, bracelets, jewellery and small decorations items that we're selling in our shop. We are aware that we’re very small in this moment. However, every effort counts and we’re sure that step by step we will contribute to the change needed to close the loop on waste. We believe that conscious fashion is not only possible, but necessary".
We now have more Soruka bags in store than ever before and we are so excited to get these to you for Christmas! There really is something to suit everyone. From block colours to animal print - we've got something to suit you! Soruka bags are practical, ethical and all made and sourced suitably. It really is amazing just how much wastage there can be when manufacturing products like bags and purses. Soruka aim to fight against this and only bring you products that are made from 100% recycled leather. These are all usually off cuts that would have otherwise been thrown away and sent to landfill. Who would have thought that such beautiful bags could produce from what would have otherwise been wasted. 
All our Soruka bags are available to purchase both online and in store now! 
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