A Summer of Change

A Summer of Change

It's easy to make a difference this summer

Each brand featured in this look is changing lives & our environment for the better. Learn the story behind the look & how you can give back & feel good.





 Voice International believe in the power of creativity & the remarkable difference that community can make to a life. Through the creation of beautiful ankole & brass jewellery in Uganda, Voice is building a platform for a community to tell their story, to have a voice & to make their dreams come true. Handmade in Uganda by four remarkable women - Cathy, Regina, Scovia & Fedy - each piece of Voice jewellery you buy forms part of an incredible EMPOWERMENT CYCLE. Through design, training & fair, sustainable wages you are helping this circle grow ever wider - allowing the training of more women & the education of their children. See more from Voice International




  By choosing to buy a pair of Pala sunglasses you really are helping to change lives. For every pair sold Pala donates the equivalent of a pair of prescription glasses to eye-care programs in Africa. 640 million people are unable to access eyecare. A pair of spectacles is an invaluable economic tool providing empowerment for the wearer enabling access to better education. They provide a chance to operate a machine, or to thread a needle and improve overall job prospects. See more Pala 


UMIWI mango wood jewellery is lovingly produced by artisans at theSkill Center in Chang Mai, Thailand, with each piece purchased helping to provide equine therapy for disabled children. Umiwi also works with young people from difficult backgrounds to train and support them to financial independence. See more from UMIWI 


Cycle of Good create unique products from, unbelievably, recycled bike inner tubes! Inner tubes that would normally end up in landfill are collected in the UK & shipped in containers to Malawi where they are turned into these beautiful, useful products. Tailors are paid a fair living wage, receive training & education, pensions & holiday pay. All of Cycle of Goods profits go back into sustaining the enterprise, sending more containers to Malawi, with any surplus going directly into the childrens center. A true cycle of good! See more from Cycle of Good


 Soruka's mission is to change the way the fashion industry operates, putting sustainability and fairness over profit margins. Manufactured from waste leather in in India by independent artisans over the age of 18, the production of Soruka bags creates economic stability for marginalised groups. Made with recycled leather from the traditional leather trade Soruka is repurposing waste leather that would otherwise end up in landfill. Each piece is crafted from available off-cuts meaning no colour combination can be recreated and each piece is unique! See more from Soruka