Art Star

Art Star

It all started in an office with a box of dodgy plastic Christmas decorations and an assortment of broken fairy lights with dead batteries. It didn’t feel much like a celebration.

As a graphic designer, having an ongoing love affair with pattern, colour and craft, Jo Hill decided to come up with a way of adding a burst of colour and joy to people's homes that was sustainable, affordable and could be enjoyed all year round.

The stars are printed down the road from Jo in London to minimise their carbon footprint and also to support a local business. The paper they’re printed on is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which is is considered the ‘gold standard’ designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.  The packaging is minimal and is made from the same FSC certified paper. When your star reaches the end of its life it is completely recyclable.

10% of Art Star's profits are donated to the Independent Food Aid Network who support and connect a range of independent frontline food aid organisations. IFAN also advocate on behalf of these organisations at a national level.

Jo supports IFAN's vision of a country which doesn’t need emergency food aid and in which good food is accessible to all. And every star purchase you make helps to support this too.

Arthouse Unlimited

Arthouse Unlimited

At the heart of ARTHOUSE Unlimited philosophy is  the desire to challenge perceptions, creating better acceptance and inclusion for all people living with disabilities.

ARTHOUSE Unlimited products are designs by a collective of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale. 

Offering a sense of purpose lies at the heart of ARTHOUSE Unlimited’s philosophy in line with their belief that feeling truly respected improves health and well-being. We strive to challenge perceptions and to create better acceptance and inclusion for all people living with disabilities.

100% of ARTHOUSE Unlimited's sales revenue sustains the enterprise, enabling it to expand and evolve.

Be For Change

Be For Change



‘Waste is a failure in Creativity’ and Be For Change lack neither: they source materials being wasted at an industrial level and create useful products made to last. Launched in 2017 by founder Ana Carneiro after graduating from Central St Martins, Ana is passionate about developing more sustainable products and lifestyles.

All Be For Change baskets, bags and placemats/coasters are made at the Be For Change HQ. Everything is made in London and everyone involved in the production of their goods is paid the London Living Wage or over.


Because each piece is made by hand, with small imperfections that add to its character and from some wonky pieces of leather that vary in cut, grain and thickness. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same!

Find out what goes on behind the scenes at Be For Change here



Supporting British Bee Conservation 

We are so excited to be stocking Beeutiful - a brand that creates gorgeous natural skincare as well as supporting & promoting bee conservation. Beeutiful provides affordable handmade skin care products made from 100% natural ingredients that care for, assist and treat even the most sensitive of skin whilst supporting British bees. The product range is created from using locally sourced beeswax and honey from their own hives, both priceless in their value to your skin.

Beeutiful pride themselve on our transparency, each product containing a clear ingredients list with no hidden nasties so you can be assured you know what you are putting on your skin. Following their philosophy that if you can't eat it why put it on your skin, all products are free from parabens, sulphates, preservatives, artificial or synthetic colours or fragrances*, phthalates, silicone, GM ingredients and petrochemicals.



The UK's 1st Independently Certified Palm Oil-Free Company

Bloomtown was born at the kitchen table of husband & wife team Preya & Med after they spent two years in Indonesia witnessing first hand the devastation caused by palm oil cultivation: the loss of virgin forest that is home to endangered orangutans, tigers and so much of the world's biodiversity.

They  were horrified to learn that so many of our store-bought products had palm oil lurking in their ingredients labels, sometimes in the form of SLSs, parabens, cetearyl alcohols, polysorbates and hundreds of other guises. 

Preya & Med realised that as they couldn't find body & skincare that was free from these harmful and destructive ingredients, they would have to create them themselves. 

Bloomtown make it their mission to offer concerned consumers truly safe and effective products that don't compromise on ethics.

Bloomtown's multi-award-winning products are all expertly formulated, blended and poured in their workshop in gorgeous Cornwall.

Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free
No Sulphates
No Parabens
No Petrochemicals
No Phthalates
No Synthetic Colours
Cycle of Good

Cycle of Good

Cycle of Good is helping to end poverty in one of the poorest communities in the world.

Creating unique products from, unbelievably, recycled bike inner tubes! Inner tubes that would normally end up in landfill are collected in the UK & shipped in containers to Malawi where they are turned into these beautiful, useful products. Tailors are paid a fair living wage, receive training & education, pensions & holiday pay.

Part of a wider social enterprise Cycle of Good is situated in Chilomoni Township, Malawi. The enterprises together employ 500 people who have trained and worked to create businesses that fund a vital children’s centre. The centre provides early years care and family support to around 2000 vulnerable children at any one time. 

All profits of Cycle of Goods profits go back into sustaining the enterprise, sending more containers to Malawi, with any surplus going directly into the childrens center. A true cycle of good!

EbbFlow Cornwall

EbbFlow Cornwall

Inspired by their home in rugged West Cornwall, EbbFlow Cornwall founder Alice & Anna wanted to create products that were both practical & beautiful. Founded on the principle of 'less is more' EbbFlow Cornwall's range of soft, 100% cotton hammam towels are truly multi-use. 

Working closely with small producers on the Aegean coast of Turkey, the weaving of these traditional towels is supporting local communities & keeping an ancient craft alive.

Alice & Anna love the ocean & want to gaze out to sea and know that sea life is thriving, not choking on plastic or struggling to survive climate change. They are proud to support Surfers Against Sewage in their fight to preserve the oceans for future generations #generationsea.




Looking to be seen in the dark without being neon in the day?! GLOW have solved this problem by creating a beautiful range of super-soft knits that do more than keep you warm.

GLOWs innovative technology lies in the glassfibre yarn which reflects light and as it does, the wearer becomes illuminated, shedding light in the dark so the wearer glows, becoming visible on the road. Magical!


GLOW are a Social Enterprise working with skilled BAMER women in London and Nepal to create change through knitting and social groups, enabling them to improve their circumstances and meeting four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

GLOW form maker collectives, partnering with women’s groups to handcraft the range, prioritising working with those who’ve faced a form of socio-economic disadvantage, providing them with a source of income and utilising their skill sets to self empower with traditional crochet and knitting techniques that stimulate mental health and wellbeing.

GLOW ethically source museling free wool, which means no sheep are harmed to make our wool,

So buy a piece, spread the word, make a change


Just Trade

Just Trade

Valuing people and creativity, Just Trade's jewellery and accessories are designed for a fairer world.

Just Trade collaborates with artisans around the world to create stylish, desirable handmade jewellery and accessories. Founded in 2006 by jewellery designer Laura Cave, Just Trade is a collaborative, innovative brand.

Born out of first hand contact with real people in the developing world and the recognition that in order for small Fair Trade projects to be sustainable, they need a long-term route to market for their goods. Just Trade now works with eight groups of artisans in Peru, Ecuador, India and Vietnam.

Combining traditional craft skills and materials with expert knowledge of contemporary jewellery and accessories, Just Trade have developed ranges of unique, characterful pieces. From exquisite crocheted silverwork to beautifully carved tagua pendants, these distinctive products are made with care and skill from locally-sourced and ethical materials where possible.



Kushboo believe soap is dignity - a basic commodity which should be available to all. For every bar of soap sold, another is donated across three charities, homeless charity Nightsafe, Emmeline's pantry women’s refuge and a food bank local to the brand in Clitheroe, Lancashire. In a small way, every time you buy a Kushboo Soap, you are helping vulnerable people get back on their feet. 

'Kush' meaning happiness and 'Kushboo' meaning Fragrance in Urdu seems the natural name for these gorgeous smelling soaps filled with happiness and made with love. 

Handmade in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, these gorgeous smelling soaps are made using luxurious, moisturising quality oils enriched with a blend of essential oils and gentle botanicals to cleanse the skin and indulge the senses.

100% vegan and never tested on animals (only on the owners teenage daughters!).

Lady Muck

Lady Muck

Introducing Lady Muck, a luxurious new Bath & Body range using only the finest natural ingredients and delicate fragrances.

Inspired by the naked ladies drawings of Artist Peter Andrews the Lady Muck collection contains a number of skin loving treats including bath milk, body butter and body scrub, hand cream and lip balm.

100% of ARTHOUSE Unlimited sales revenue goes back into the artists collective - supporting adults with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities. Striving to challenge perceptions and to create better acceptance and inclusion for all people living with disabilities.



LoveWell is a small, Bristol based charity that supports women escaping all coerced forms of the sex trade.

Women caught up in the coerced sex trade find it incredible difficult to escape, and even having exited, have to live with the trauma of their experiences. LoveWell provide new opportunities in a supportive, therapeutic community. Through the manufacture of luxury natural skincare products women are given new skills & abilities that allow them to develop safe & sustainable careers.

Read more about what goes on behind the scenes of LoveWell in our chat with founder Claire here. 

LoveWell is a charity that is close to our hearts at Frankly. 15% of the sale of our Frankly x LW t-shirts to go help support their mission. Shop here.

Pala Sustainable Sunglasses

Pala Eyewear

PALA is on a mission. A mission to put an end to poverty, to protect the planet and to enable all people to enjoy peace and prosperity.
We love that Pala are putting this mission at the heart of everything they do. Their goal is to create a business that puts people and the planet before profits and ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of our operations.
Giving Back
By choosing to buy a pair of Pala sunglasses you really are helping to change lives. For every pair sold Pala donates the equivalent of a pair of prescription glasses to eye-care programs in Africa.

640 million people are unable to access eyecare. A pair of spectacles is an invaluable economic tool providing empowerment for the wearer enabling access to better education. They provide a chance to operate a machine, or to thread a needle and improve overall job prospects.

Empowering Communities

Things don’t stop there. Pala work alongside a Ghanaian-based NGO to support weaving communities to make our protective sunglasses cases. Woven using traditional methods utilising otherwise wasted plastic, Pala provides a trade and an income to help them empower themselves whilst upholding tradition (and recycling as they go!).

Sustainable Design

Pala are on a journey towards a sustainable fashion future. This season Pala are continuing to innovate, offering both recycled acetate (made using otherwise binned factory offcuts) and bio-based designs.

Pebble Toys

Pebble Toys

Hand-crocheted in Bangladesh, the production of Pebble's quirky, soft cotton toys has changed the lives of thousands of women to date. When you purchase a Pebble product, you are helping poor women in Bangladesh support their families and keep them together.

Launched in 2004 with founder Samantha teaching 24 women to knit on her living room floor, the vision was to change lives by providing women in rural areas a safe, sustainable, flexible income.  All Pebble products are made by Hathay Bunano. Hathay Bunano, meaning hand made or hand knitted in Bangla, is a non-profit fair trade organisation in Bangladesh, it's mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged. Hathay Bunano aims to provide employment which fits in with the rhythm of rural life, stems the tide of economic migration to the cities and keeps families together.



Our People collection features brands that work to make a real difference to human lives.

Loving and caring for our fellow humans through changing perceptions, providing freedom, dignity and supporting life changing causes. 

That's not to say that the brands in our people collection don't care about the planet as well. All our brands are also kind to the planet, living and breathing sustainable values. 

Spread the love x 



Brands in our Planet collection are all about loving and caring for our world.

Sustainable and kind in every way these brands put our planet first, leaving as little impact as possible and giving back charities to repair some of the damage done.

Tread lightly x 

Rehash Trash

Rehash Trash

Following the very sad news that Rehash Trash are having to close their doors due to the impact of COVID-19 we are giving back 20% of every sale from this range to Rehash Trash to help support their team into new employment.


Recycling rubbish | Renewing lives

Rehash Trash is a social enterprise based in Cambodia creating beautiful products from roadside rubbish while providing a safe place for disadvantaged women to learn a skill and earn an income.

Born from the desire to improve the lives of children by providing their mothers a safe, sustainable income, Rehash Trash works with women who have never had the chance in life to know what it was like to have a steady job that was neither degrading or dangerous. Many of the mothers suffer from disabilities, others from addictions and other symptoms of poverty and abuse - so it had to be easy and it had to be cheap, with minimal or no raw material costs.

The female artisans involved in the project collect abundant roadside rubbish found in the Siem Reap area before cleaning & crocheting it to up-cycling it into the beautiful useful products you see here. Not only does the project provide a steady, fair income for these vulnerable families, the women also get the opportunity to take literacy lessons, many learning to read & write for the very first time.



Founder Tess developed Seatox as an antidote to the stresses of modern city life.

Air pollution, stressful jobs, poor diet and the fast paced life do our skin no favours. Influenced by happy childhood memories of the holidays in Clare & Galway, Ireland, Tess felt there needed to be a way to connect to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of the sea. She has designed Seaweed spa treatments, inspired by Irish traditions, as a way to rejuvenate and absorb the powerful minerals of the Atlantic Ocean.

Seatox is vegan, organic, made with 100% natural ingredients and always cruelty-free. Tested on friends, never on animals.



SELF CARE CO. believe that every human being should have access to the education & help they need to maintain a healthy mind. That's why they donate 10% of their profits across three charities that are close to their hearts - Young Minds, Street Link & The Calm Zone. 

Founder Nicole de Leiburne discovered aromatherapy as a therapeutic outlet through difficult periods of anxiety and low mood in her early 20s. Nicola is passionate about rituals, creating beautiful candles to assist you in your personal self-care routine.

Take a moment to mindfully light your candle, inhale the natural scents and breathe deeply into the now.



Shakti.ism | शक्तिवाद is a social enterprise that provides dignified work for disadvantaged women.

Repurposing and recycling donated sari fabric to create gorgeous, unique fair-trade accessories and gifts, all of which are ethically handmade by the empowered artisans they work with.


Designed in London. 

Ethically handmade in India and Bangladesh.

Close to 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas with limited to no access to basic sanitation, health services, or electricity. Lack of access to these basic services contributes to widespread poverty, unemployment, and increasing indebtedness of households. Women in India are often seen as second-class citizens compared to men, so opportunities are even more limited. Women are not often in control of their finances, family situations or even their own earnings, and marginalised, disabled, poor or uneducated women even more so. 

By providing an opportunity for marginalised women to obtain transferable skills like sewing, Shakti-ism can help them to achieve financial independence. Empowering women to earn their own steady income means that they will be able to provide food, clothing, and other basic necessities and education for their children and other family members. 

So Just Shop

So Just Shop

The Mission: To raise 250,000 women and their families out of abject poverty while ensuring that ethical and sustainable products are accessible to all.

SO JUST SHOP works with co-operatives in marginalised communities to ethically produce jewellery, accessories & homewares. Many of these co-operatives provide the women with literacy and numeracy lessons, creches and education for their children, an extended family, as well as a legal and safe form of employment, that pays them a fair living wage.

Up to 80%* of each sale goes back to the artisans groups; all products made or sourced for SO JUST SHOP are in-line with their core values:

  • Just Women - products to made by women-led groups, handcrafted by female artisans

  • Just Pay - all employees are paid an adequate living wage

  • Just Working Conditions - a workplace that is free from hazards and maintains working conditions that are safe and healthy for their employees

  • Just Working Hours - maximum standard working hours of 48 hours a week / 8hrs day

  • Age - all employees are above the legal minimum working age

  • Materials - made from ethical and sustainable materials, promoting recycled and upcycled products



Soruka's mission is to change the way the fashion industry operates, putting sustainability and fairness over profit margins.

Fair: Manufactured in India by independent artisans over the age of 18, the production of Soruka bags creates economic stability for marginalised groups. The small scale, traditional production methods allow women to work from home whilst caring for their children. By working directly with artisans and cutting out middlemen Soruka ensure a fair price to their producers as well as to you.

Zero Waste: Made with recycled leather from the traditional leather trade Soruka is repurposing waste leather that would otherwise end up in landfill. Each piece is crafted from available off-cuts meaning no colour combination can be recreated and each piece is unique!

Sustainable: By using small scale, traditional techniques with little or no machinery, Soruka's production process is low impact, keeping energy consumption low.

Beautiful: Each hand-crafted Soruka piece is unique. Made with available leather off-cuts Soruka's artisans select  the right colors in order to transform waste into a timeless piece of art. 


The Little Black & White Book Project

The Little Black & White Book Project

Created by Ruth Bradford - Graphic Designer, Mum & Animal Lover 

"Our mission is to inspire the next generation of animal lovers and conservationists from as early an age as possible" Says Ruth. She believes exposing children to the amazing wildlife on our planet is the best hope of protecting it for the future.
The Little Black & white Book Project are excited to combine a love for animals with a passion for parenting and to sharing illustrations with Mums, Dads and little people all around the world.

Why Black And White?

Tourist Tees

Tourist Tees aims to celebrate different cities across Europe through an evocative blend of colour and custom typography.

Born out of a weekend in Berlin in spring 2019. Potentially the last time we’d visit Europe as members of the EU, founder Anna Jay wanted a T-shirt that evoked memories of the trip while being understated enough to wear again and again. The first Berlin tee was made and, alongside London with its stars on the back, captures a moment when the two cities remained part of a whole. Resident or tourist, each tee celebrates a city that is dynamic, inspiring and memorable in its own unique way.

The long-sleeved tees are made from 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton approved by the Fair Wear Foundation. Each edition is hand screen-printed, with a limited run of 30 per city.

A portion of sales will be donated to Happy Days children’s charity, which provides day trips and holidays for children living with mental, physical and emotional difficulties. 



Finally a vegan bag brand using natural materials!!

Designed & made by a family business in Tuscany, Italy, UASHMAMA  (pronounced 'wash-mama') have developed their very own leather substitute using PAPER! Through the addition of natural waxes & various secret processes the UASHMAMA  team create a material they called AGGO - a durable, washable, characterful paper that is cut & sown by their crafts people to create these beautiful products.

UASHMAMA design and manufacture lifestyle driven by their three main principles of:

Innovation, Functionality, and Sustainability

UASHMAMA promotes intentional living through eco-sustainable products conceived, designed, and entirely made in Tuscany, Italy.

We love that this is a natural leather alternative that softens & gains character with age. 




Life is not a fairy tale and neither is Umiwi (pronounced 'you-me-we').

At Frankly we are totally in agreement with Umiwi that we can all help to change lives by buying better. 

Umiwi mango wood jewellery is lovingly produced by artisans at the Skill Center in Chang Mai, Thailand, with each piece purchased helping to provide equine therapy for disabled children. Umiwi also works with young people from difficult backgrounds to train and support them to financial independence.

Under The Nile

Launched over 20 years ago by a mum simply looking for baby clothing that did not irritate babies skin, Under The Nile has now changed thousands of lives & shaped the futures of entire communities.

Working collaboratively with their farm in Egypt, the cotton used in all Under The Nile products is bio-dynamically grown & 100% organic. Under the core principle of mutual respect, Under The Nile works with the local community to ensure fair wages, safe working conditions & gender equality.

Each Under The Nile toy you buys goes to help fund many local initiatives in Egypt that are helping to improve the lives of the community. The Chamomile Children project takes local children to the Under The Nile farm daily, here they receive 3 meals, health care, clothing & an education. Working mothers are supported through the provision of childcare close to the farm & special programs have been created for the disabled.

The Under The Nile Sekem school uses the principles of Steiner to change lives with education from primary to secondary. Vocational training programs are in place for those more suited to hands on work - provided invaluable, transferable skills. The 13 Villages project takes work to those in more remote villages that are unable to leave due to family responsibilities.

And last but not least Under The Nile hate waste, creating these lovely little dolls out of the off-cuts from the baby wear they produce.




VENT for Change

VENT for Change

“Pencils are the most iconic educational tool going back centuries and I wanted to do something with them, something inspirational.” Evan Lewis Founder

VENT for Change is a Bristol based sustainable stationery company that supports children’s education projects worldwide. 

When founder Evan Lewis pondered on how he could make a real difference with the  one million spare pencils being produced each year, he realised that the key was money. Money to rebuild schools, pay teachers and provide essential materials. Evan decided to sell his pencils and other stationery here in the UK and from the proceeds support existing education projects around the world. 

Evan also launched Share a Pencil Day, a global education awareness day for UK school children.  And his Ambassador for Change programme which provides free pencils to charities and volunteers working overseas. Pencils to be given out FREE to those that need them most. 

Voice International

Voice International

Voice International believe in the power of creativity & the remarkable difference that community can make to a life. Through the creation of beautiful jewellery Voice is building a platform for a community to tell their story, to have a voice & to make their dreams come true.

Handmade in Uganda by four remarkable women - Cathy, Regina, Scovia & Fedy - each piece of Voice jewellery you buy forms part of an incredible EMPOWERMENT CYCLE. Through design, training & fair, sustainable wages you are helping this circle grow ever wider - allowing the training of more women & the education of their children.

We really love that at the beginning of employment with Voice International each artisan writes their hopes & dreams for the future on a piece of paper that is then locked in Voice's DREAM BOX. Together, with your help, their dreams can come true!


A word on dreams....

Regina - 'My dream in life is to educate my girls and see them graduate and achieve all they want. I want to raise women of Voice, so they too can empower others.'

Fedy - 'My dream is to continually  learn & develop within my creativity with Voice. I want to empower others by teaching  them the skills I have learnt, so they  too can live sustainably. Through this I dream to be able to buy my own land and develop it with local farming.'

Cathy - 'My dream is to own my personal land build my dream house. One day I’d to travel around the world teaching people our collections and empowering others.'

Scovia - 'Voice has changed my way of living. Before Voice it was really hard for me to pay school fees for my children. But now I can pay the fees plus their school requirements. I am also able to now pay my rent on time and afford other bills and food.'

Wax & Wick Workshop

Wax & Wick Workshop

Born from a desire for a more circular, less wasteful way of creating beautiful things, Wax & Wick Workshop began creating candles using repurposed wine bottles as containers. Realising there was an issue with what to do with the top half of the bottles they took their sustainability journey one step further, working with a UK manufacturer to create their candle jars from 100% recycled glass. Using a closed loop water system in their production line ensures that unlike other recycling processes very little water is wasted.


Candle jars are made from 100% recycled glass. Thick & durable Wax & Wick encourage you to use their jars again & again, be a part of their 'Help Us Help Our Planet' campaign to encourage the reuse/repurpose of candle jars as plant pots or even to grow your own food in. 


 Wax & Wick believe in taking the art of candle making back to basics with only two ingredients... oils and soy wax-with none of the nasties: paraffin, artificial or synthetic colours.

UK Made:

All Wax & Wick candles are hand-poured in their studio. As a British company, Wax & Wick support other local companies by sourcing all raw materials from UK suppliers.


We think that Wax & Wick Workshop have achieved their ambition of creating a product that encourages slow & simple living. Embodying the word hygge - the meaning of both living in the present and appreciating the art of simple things. 



Launched in 2015 in Sri Lanka by husband & wife team Hayley & Mark (& later joined by Daisy, Hayley's childhood friend) Wedgie is truely a family affair.

Working in partnership with rural communities in Sri Lanka Wedgie create beautiful (& hilarious!) hand painted door stops. They work with an incredible incentive scheme, where they deliver unpainted doorstops directly to employees’ houses, along with paints, brushes and tools. Once painted and completed, the Wedgies are paid for on collection, allowing people in rural communities the convenience of earning an income whilst going about their daily routines.



From the birds to the bees, to our brands in this collection are on a mission to protect the worlds most precious wildlife.

Supporting education, raising awareness and giving back to wildlife causes - you can help our brands on their mission.

Looking after our planet is number one on the list when it comes to Wildlife conservation and so it goes without saying that our brands also live and breathe sustainability, treading lightly on our planet.

YGN Collective

YGN Collective

YGN Collective sources and imports ethically made accessories from Myanmar.

They support organisations that empower women with training and provide jobs making accessories. Baskets are woven near Mandalay by families living in challenging circumstances who are supported with a consistent income. Every basket is made by hand and contributes to sustain these families' livelihood.