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 There is nothing we love more than getting to know the story behind each of our products thats little bit better and this week we had the pleasure of chatting to creator & founder of Kushboo Sarwat Jaleel, who's journey to making Kushboo products has led to inspiring others to use natural produce and support organisations to empower lives and implement kindness. We love Kushboo products in store! Their luxurious aromas give you the five star expeirence, without breaking the bank whilst being kind to your kind and the plant too! All Kushboo products are 100% Vegan and made with the planet in mind! We can't get enough, and we're so excited to see what they had in store for this year too! Follow @kushboosoaps on Instagram or check out our full range via our website ( 

Hi Sarwat, we're so excited to chat about Kushboo! How did you the idea for Kushboo come about? 

An illness and long spell in hospital were the origins of Kushboo. After showering with a luxurious soap, I was amazed how the beautiful scent from a bar of soap lifted my spirit. It was a reminder that the basic things can somehow make all the difference, even for just a few moments. I decided there and then that I would create the very best ethical soap using natural ingredients and the knowledge and wisdom of herbs and spices passed down from my Indian parents. The soap was to be donated to a local homelessness charity. As a Journalist for nearly 20 years, I had reported on all that is good in the world but all that is awful too. Making soap for the vulnerable was the perfect combination of my creativity, heritage and giving back - it was a  lightbulb moment! I am proud to say that today, Kushboo Soaps are stocked all over the world. 



Wow, what an amazing cause! At Frankly, we love it when brands work alongside charities to create meaningful change. How did your collaborations with Nightsafe, Emmeline's Pantry and local food banks specifically begin? 

At Kushboo, we firmly believe that Soap is diginity - a basic commodity that  should be available to all. My initial desire to create and donate soap to the  vulnerable from day one has continued to this day.

Nightsafe work specifically with young people who are homeless or at risk of  homelessness by providing help with emergency needs and empowering  them to play a positive part in their community. I love Nightsafe as their vision  closely aligns with Kushboo’s - Kindness, Dignity and Respect.  

Emmeline’s Pantry is very close to my heart - a foodbank run by women, for  women in need. It’s essentially a foodbank helping women and their families  access the things they need the most, including food, toiletries, baby  equipment and clothes. I especially like their ethos of not discriminating or  means testing, allowing women to choose what they need. 

Food Banks are a vital resource in most communities and whilst people  regulary donate food, basic toiletries and self care products are often  forgotten. Donating soap will not change anybody’s life, but we hope that it  offers a little boost of confidence or comfort to a vulnerable person in need,  with the thought that a stranger sent them their love in the form of a  handcrafted bar of soap.



We love how inspired all your products are by heritage. How important is this consistency when making new Kushboo products? (is  it something that continues to influence new products?) 

At Kushboo, we approach our soap making like we would approach cooking,  especially Indian cooking - where every single ingredient is natural and is  chosen for its specific purpose to cleanse, moisturise and balance the skin.  It’s the combination of quality ingredients, passion, skills and integrity all combining to create something truly unique. We handcraft every single bar  soap individually ourselves in our Soap Kitchen. The heritage is the core of all  the formulations and recipes. The majority of the ingredients are those that were used in my childhood and skills and knowledge passed down by my Indian parents. Kushboo’s heritage consistently inspires new products and also reminds us and our customers that everything we need is in Nature and that nature is to be cared for.

We especially love your Bath Soaks in store!! What's your favourite product or products and why? 

Kushboo products are rather like my children - I love them all equally but for  different reasons and struggle to have a favourite. However, my current  Kushboo ‘love’ is the new Conditioning Hair Oil as its so versatile and I love  how its replaced two hair products for me - my regular conditioner and hair  serum. Plus the beautiful citrus scent is so up lifting.


We are really excited to see more from Kushboo! Could you tell us  anything about your plans for 2022? 

We consistently trial new formulations, always working towards our customers needs. We have two new products for 2022 and although I can’t yet reveal what they are, I can promise that they will continue with our mission to inspire, connect and uplift people through the power of fragrance (cushy) and of course they’ll be Vegan, 100% Natural, and plastic free.


Thank you so much again to Sarwat who took the time to tell us more about Kushboo and it's origins. If you want to purchase any of the products talked about this week, you can head over to the Kushboo website ( or follow Kushboo on Instragm (@kushboosoaps)! 


Frankly x

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