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When it comes to shopping ethically and sustainably in Bristol, we love chatting to our founders & creators who help support Frankly. We love getting tips on staying ethical and knowing the background and ethos behind each idea. This week, it was the tern of Jones & Modha. Based in Somerset and with a passion to harness the power of plants with their 100% Vegan, naturally sourced perfumes we couldn't be more chuffed to stock such an amazing product in store. We were so intrigued to find out so much about the beginnings of Jones & Modha as well as their core vales. Thank you so much Hermali & Catrin for taking the time to chat to us! 
We love the simplicity of Jones & Modha! Could you tell us a bit about how Jones & Modha began and some of your early inspirations. 

We had been searching for years for a green, clean sustainable perfume which smelt amazing and just couldn’t find anything we liked.  It’s actually surprising how few perfumes are natural and sustainable and so finally decided we had to create our own! It took a long time to find a perfumer who had the same ethos as us, but we finally found a superb alchemist in Somerset, who is working towards carbon neutrality, so it ticked all the boxes for us. We wanted something green and uplifting as a first scent and one that looked and smelt sophisticated. We wanted packaging to be simple and sustainable too. Nature is precious and should be celebrated, and we hope Jones & Modha communicates that.



Its such an inspiration to us that your perfumes are gender neutral. It's something that is so rarely seen on the high street! Could you tell us more about how this influences the scents you use and why you feel this is important moving forward? 

We’ve never understood why ‘Womens’ perfume is packaged in a certain way using predominantly floral notes whilst ‘mens’ perfume is usually in darker packaging with strong wood and tobacco notes.  Surely we can choose for ourselves! It’s extremely outdated and happily, with society starting to understand that gender isn’t always so clear cut, we felt we’d let people choose for themselves.  It’s also about being dictated to – why are little girls steered towards pink and boys towards blue? Can we not choose what we like? 



Shopping locally is something we hold really close to our hearts. How does local produce within Somerset influence the production process? 

Our perfumer has started growing his own flowers and water harnessed from rain is being planned as a flower water ingredient – which adds to the Somerset and local feel.  The perfume is created and blended in Somerset too, which is just how we wanted it.



We love the blend of Ugandan and Welsh heritage that Jones & Modha represent. Could you talk a bit about how this inspires you? 

Hemali is Ugandan Indian and Catrin is from Aberystwyth in West Wales – clearly very different heritage, but both to be celebrated! We love where we come from and the richness of culture and feel it brings depth to our brand in the same way the blending of plant and flower oils creates something complex and fascinating.  We believe in working towards harmony and felt that having a nod towards our different backgrounds might help to underline how delightful difference can be.
When you open the box, the words Moksha and Gwerth y byd are written;
Originating from the Sanskrit “muc” meaning liberation, freedom, release towards eternal bliss. It reminds us that it is possible to break the unhelpful cycles we find ourselves in and strive for a more liberated world.
“Gwerth Y Byd”
A Welsh expression of appreciation, love, value, it is used to say “you mean the world to me” but literally translated means “the value of the world”. It reminds us of the importance of our planet and how we should value, love and appreciate it. Geiriau hyfryd sy’n adlewyrchu cariad at ein gilydd a’r ddaear.
These words reflect what our natural fragrance is all about. We prioritise the planet and people. We want to offer an alternative to mass produced, commercial beauty products which show little respect to our planet. We want to provide a sophisticated, beautiful, natural scent for everyone.


The environment is clearly at the forefront of Jones & Modha. How do you feel the planet will impact the perfume industry moving forward?

There really is no reason for creating anything that damages our beautiful planet, especially when it comes to beauty.  Having an awareness of this when we choose what we buy can make a huge difference.  By taking perfume back to its roots of natural plant alchemy, using nature’s finest, consciously sourced ingredients, we feel we’re working with our beautiful planet and not against it. By choosing well, we can enjoy the simple things, knowing that the people behind it really care about the impact they have.  This makes a product even more enjoyable to use in our opinion. Just like the slow food movement, where local foods can be savoured, we’d love to see a slow beauty movement where we all take a moment to really think about our impact.

For more information about Jones & Modha's amazing products you can head to their website ( or visit to buy your ethical perfume today! 
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