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Happy International Women's Day!  

Today, Wednesday 8th March marks International Women's Day. A day to celebrate all things female/non-binary across the globe! We are so proud that at Frankly we are able to support so many female-led businesses and incredible female artisans who hand-craft so many of our amazing products across the globe. We love collaboration and feel that there is something so strong about these bonds between women that can span across the whole world, coming together in our small shipping container in Wapping Wharf, Bristol. It's what inspired us everyday and we couldn't do it without all these incredible women.


Laura Cave & The Just Trade Team

This year's theme for International Women's Day is all about empowering innovation and technology through gender equality. This DigitALL theme is all about getting more women involved in the world of tech, to power innovation and help inspire change. Providing women and girls with the tools to make a difference, creating a world of possibilites and give women and girls the accessibility into the male dominated world of technology.
This week, we asked some of the incredible ethical brands that we stock in store, to chat to us about what International Women's Day means to them. This was an amazing opportunity for us to gain an insight into how gender equality empowers brands in Bristol and beyond. Check out our Instagram stories today, to hear more from all our Frankly favourites. As a female led business, it's so important to us to share these inspiring stories, it keeps us motivated and really reminds us why we are here as a store. 


The Aery Team 

Feel free to share with us, what International Women's Day means to you, via our Instagram or even pop us an email We always love hearing from you - we might even share some of our favourite responses from you all on the day!
Once again, thank you so much to all our incredible business owners, makers and artisans across the globe who help make Frankly possible. Here is what some of our Frankly favourites had to say about what International Women's Day means to them: 

Scovia, Voice International Artisan 


What does International Women's Day mean to you?


"At VENT we see International Women's Day is another opportunity to talk about, raise awareness of and champion equality issues. The main reason VENT supports education projects is because of the opportunities it brings to all. Getting girls all the way through their education has enormous benefits to them, their families and communities. 
Few people know but the three horizontal lines that make up the E in our VENT logo is actually a mathematical symbol for equal. Not the traditional equal of 1 plus 1 equally 2, it's best interpretation is equality. Creating equality is a fundamental human right and raising this on International Women's Day is in respect of Women's rights is key". 


Evan Lewis, Founder of Vent for Change 



"Bohemia is a female owned business and our Edinburgh office and warehouse is completely female staffed so we are very aware of the juggling of many roles that are a part of everyday life for working women. We are also conscious that compared to most women across the globe we live a life of great privilege and we would love to see our sisters be able to provide for their families without the struggle and stress that many have to endure. International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the strength, resilience, power and love of women who day in day out are keeping the world turning!" 

Jenny Lockwood, Bohemia Design



Artisan Weavers, Bohemia Design 


"International Women's Day for me is a day to think about how I can actively support other women to achieve their potential. I love to think about this on a local level and to find ways to either collaborate with or shout about local women business owners. It's really important to draw attention to and celebrate women's achievements but also to focus on how we can support and increase these achievements and move towards greater equality. A really fun and easy way to do this is to decide that your next purchase will be from an independent woman owned business. Support small, independent and local and make your purchases count!" 

Jo Hill, Founder of Art Star 


Jo Hill, Founder & Creator of Art Star 


To myself and to the whole Voice International team in Uganda and the UK, IWD is a day in which we get to collectively celebrate one another with millions of others around the world. Whilst our vision is to champion women and their wildest dreams all year round, it's still vitally important and exciting to be a part of a movement raising awareness and shining the light on many of the challenges we may face as women as well as celebrating the achievements of our sisterhood!

Natasha, Founder of Voice International


Natasha, Scovia & Cathy, Voice International  


"For us, International Women's Day means highlighting the need to forge women's equality by continuing to support women into employment, celebrating their achievements and equipping them with the tools and confidence they need". 

Claire Dormand, Lovewell



"At Just Trade we have the privilege of working with some remarkable women all around the world. From Peru to India, Vietnam and Indonesia, we have witnessed extraordinary resilience, strength and grace in the face of hardship and difficulties, especially during Covid. What better day, International Women’s Day, to pay tribute to these wonderful artisan makers we are proud to call our friends and colleagues."

Laura Cave, Founder of Just Trade 

Just Trade Artisans in India - just last week! 


"We’re proud to be part of a great team at Aery Living and it’s inspiring working with so many great and inspirational women every day. A few of us are sharing our thoughts with Fankly on what IWD means to us" 

Sarah, Marketing/eCom, Aery



“A short and sweet entry but still something that’s important to me, I really enjoy working in lovely small team with some great inspiring women!”

Emily, Shipping & Inventory, Aery


"International Women’s Day is a nice reminder to feel gratitude for all of the women that raised me, that have supported me and that continue to uplift me (and each other) every day.”

Marie, Sales Co-Coordinator, Aery



“It’s a day to reflect on all of the other 364 days that women continue to smash life and continue to cheer lead each other through life’s challenges and accomplishments. Every day I am inspired by the women around me”

Sarah, E Commerce & Marketing, Aery


"I love International Women’s Day as it is a chance to reflect to appreciate and give thanks to all the women around us. I absolutely couldn’t be running a business and raising children without the support of the amazing women in my life who give me not just practical but emotional support (and lots of laughs!). Special shout out to all the women at Wapping Wharf who make me feel like I have a whole team around me! I feel so lucky to be raising a daughter in 2023 where her opportunities are greater than they have ever been. I recently took her to watch the Lionesses play in Bristol and I found it so totally emotional that to her it was nothing unusual that those incredible women were playing in front of a sell out crowd. Having been taken to watch Manchester City ladies by my dad in the 90’s at a cold, muddy pitch next to a motorway it was a huge change!! International Women’s Day is so important as there are still many ways women don’t have equality, whether it is at work or in the home, we still need to make sure our girls are raised knowing they are equal and they can be who they want to be"

Helen Symonds, Owner Frankly 



Helen, at Frankly, Wapping Wharf, Bristol 


 Check out all these amazing brands and more via our website. Thank you so much to all these incredible women who inspire us all year round. We love hearing about what motivates you and what International Women's means to you. Please feel free to get in touch and chat with us about all things International Women's Day - we love hearing from you! 

Frankly x

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