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Happy Earth Day!

In the lead up to Earth Day this month we had the chance to have a chat with Vent For Change Founder Evan Lewis, who spoke to us about his motivations for starting Vent For Change and the meaningful impact that he hopes to have on the planet and our environment.

We're really excited to be able to share with you some of our most loved ethical brands and chat about why Earth Day is so important, now more than ever before and why shopping more ethically, mindfully and sustainable can help the planet. 

Earth Day marks the anniversary of the modern environment movement in 1970 and over 50 years later, it's still going strong!


Hi Evan, thanks so much for chatting to us about all things Earth Day! Could you tell us a little bit about how Vent For Change started and your early motivations? 

I started Vent For Change in 2017 with a motivation to help protect the planet but also to help support children's education project at the same time. Vent For Change means that I can provide materials and resources to schools and support the planet too by using sustainable materials and resources to make all Vent For Change products. Proceeds from the sale of every sustainable VENT stationery item go towards children’s education projects worldwide

Being based in Bristol is great and means that we can oversee the production of all VENT products and be mindful all the time of how our products are effecting the plant. Our UK made pencils are produced in-house from recycled CD cases, our notebooks are made all using 100% recycled leather, reclaimed cotton and wool and our pens are all made from recycled plastic bottles. It's really important to us that every product has its own message and story to tell. 



We couldn't agree more! Core values are so important to us, and we can see from all your products that they are an integral part of VENT.

AbsolutelyI’ve been involved in managing or owning businesses with a focus on the environment since 1999 so sustainability and environmental responsibility run deep in my DNA. Protecting the planet, looking after the flora and fauna, the animals and communities is essential for the generations to come. The world is at a tipping point and I’ve always felt business needs to lead the way. By offering environmentally responsible products and services, by managing resources and acting fairly businesses allow individuals to make the right choices. 

Having spent 15 years focused on the planet in 2016-17 I felt it was time I turned some of my attention to the people as well. Education is the single most important thing a child can have to improve their life chances and lift themselves, their families and communities out of poverty and so this continues to be my motivation for upholding our core values at VENT. I couldn't be prouder of the work we do! 



Care and consideration for the planet and education is so important and something we really love about Vent for Change. How does this inspire you when creating new products?

The use of sustainable and recycled materials is the starting point on all our designs. In addition, we look at the packaging and presentation. Do the items need packaging at all and if they do how can we minimise this and do it in the most responsible way possible? Right down to the paper tape we use to close all our outer transport cartons and our recycled and reusable retail displays.

Where we produce is also important. Our products are only manufactured in the UK or mainland Europe. This minimises the carbon footprint but also means we can achieve greater transparency and assurance that we’re getting what we want in terms of materials used and certification. UK and EU labour laws also mean staff are treated fairly and safely.


We also chatted to some of our other brands at Frankly, about their thoughts on shopping more sustainably and how they manage to stay environmentally conscious...


"One of the things I’m most excited about at the moment is working with materials that already exist in the world to avoid this cycle of bringing endless new things into circulation. My Hack Pack Craft Kits are made using leftover paper from the printing industry and I find it really wonderful to be creating beautiful things out of waste paper. I’m really lucky to work with a great printer in SE London who is very enthusiastic about saving and reusing all their excess and waste paper"

Art Star, Founder & Creator Jo Hill (@art_star_london
"From the farmers and artisans we work with in rural Vietnam, to the restaurants, independent brands, shops and customers we serve. We put as much care into forging a unity with our loyal tribe of partners as we do creating our zero waste and sustainable products. We engrave onto bamboo straws, coconut bowls, cutlery and more. Being based in the UK means that we can offer fast and reliable worldwide shipping for your peace of mind". 

Jungle Culture (
"There really is no reason for creating anything that damages our beautiful planet, especially when it comes to beauty. Having an awareness of this when we choose what we buy can make a huge difference. By taking perfume back to its roots of natural plant alchemy, using nature’s finest, consciously sourced ingredients, we feel we’re working with our beautiful planet and not against it"

Founders Catrin & Hermali (@jonesandmodha)
Thank you so so much to all these amazing brands for inspiring us every day to shop more sustainably and to be more mindful of the products we buy and the materials we use. You can shop any of the brands talked about via our website ( or Instagram ( 

Happy Earth Day! 
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